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Welcome to the Social Justice & Democratization Resource Space. This is a space for contributions from any part of the world related to the theme of Social Justice & Democratization. You can participate by including links to videos, images, teaching resources (such as syllabi or articles) and policy documents.

Resource space has four sections, Policy, Pedagogy, Practice and Social Justice Through The Virtual Lens and you can find out more about each section below:

  • Policy Policy related resources (reports and articles) are included within this section
  • Pedagogy Teaching related materials from across the world (syllabi, books, videos, articles and other pertinent teaching resources) are included within this section
  • Practice Reports and materials that demonstrate how social justice and democratization are practiced at the local, national, transnational, regional and global contexts.
  • Social Justice Through the Virtual Lens this is where you can upload links to images and videos that capture forms of social justice and democratization.

Interview with Stuart Hall on Culture and Power | by Lynne Segal and Peter Osborne

“The moment of power is not in ideology or culture as an instance. The moment of power is in the historically situated intervention of ideology in practices of signification. That...

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Study shows the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on healthcare varied between countries

  A team of researchers from several institutions in Europe has conducted an analysis of healthcare quality levels across Europe during the 2008 financial crisis. In their paper published in Proceedings...

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Slides to Colonial history of South-east Asia

Slides to colonial History of Southeast Asia (This presentation is created to be used in an on-line teaching course of Southeast Asian Studies. This course is offered only to a...

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Erin Jesse Oral Historian and Cultural Anthropologist Blog

Blog of Erin Jesse (oral historian and cultural anthropologist) “What does the word “perpetrator” mean and how is it applied in different settings? What might ethnographic fieldwork among perpetrators look...

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Social Justice Through the Virtual Lense

Social Justice – and Privacy Case – for Unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone

  If you care about social justice and, yes, individual privacy, you should be cheering the FBI in its demands that Apple supply the needed software to unlock the encryption...

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