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Brazilian Democracy on the Brink

  After years of corruption scandals, economic malaise, and deepening political polarization, Brazilians have lost faith in the promise of democracy, and could soon elect a dangerous authoritarian to the presidency. Before going to the polls on October 7, Brazilians should understand exactly what a vote for Jair Bolsonaro would mean for the future of […]

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Education professors integrate education and Latin American social movements

  UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — John Holst and Rebecca Tarlau are exploring social movements, education and sociology with their work in South America and the United States. Their work is both international and interdisciplinary; it is inspired by Italian philosophers and Brazilian educators and made possible through collaboration of colleagues from multiple disciplines. Holst and […]

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Nike’s Kaepernick ad is what happens when capitalism and activism collide

  There aren’t many entities in our lives that have voices as loud as those of corporations. They buy up air time between the shows we watch, or sometimes placement within them; elbow their way into our social media feeds; and plaster their ads all over our physical spaces. While their encroachment into ever more […]

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#MeToo movement sweeps into India’s newsrooms

  Most media managers fail to recognize sexual harassment as an abuse of power, and a conspiracy of silence keeps the devastating problem hidden Finally, the tsunami of the global #MeToo movement has hit newsrooms in India, as scores of women have taken to social media to expose their alleged harassers. As I write this, […]

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The Siren Song of Left-Wing Populism

  A growing number of commentators believe that populism represents the best strategy for the left to reclaim power and advance policies needed to provide economic security in the face of globalization. But these thinkers should look beyond populism’s electoral effectiveness, and acknowledge the threat that it can pose to democracy. SANTIAGO – Social democratic […]

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