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The Fog of Immigration

  Throughout the West, millions of voters have formed negative opinions of immigrants, which populist politicians have exploited to make unprecedented electoral inroads. But there is a gap between the reality of immigration and the perceptions of it. CAMBRIDGE – If France were to give the United States the Statue of Liberty today, one wonders […]

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One in three Moroccan graduates jobless in slack economy: planning chief

  RABAT (Reuters) – One in three Moroccan university graduates cannot find a job due to slow economic growth, under-investment and an education system that fails to develop employable skills, the kingdom’s planning chief said in an interview. Morocco sidestepped the uprisings that upended much of the Arab world in 2011 but has seen protests […]

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It’ll take more than an app to get children school-ready, Damian Hinds

  If the Tories hadn’t cut funding for early years support, perhaps children would have a fairer start in schools today. So, Damian Hinds has woken up to the fact that there are huge gaps in ability between children from different backgrounds before they even start school. In a speech yesterday, the education secretary described […]

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India’s Tableau of Inequality

  Former Financial Times Mumbai bureau chief James Crabtree discusses economic disparity in the South Asian giant and how the world will become ‘more Asian and more Indian.’ In the 1980s, domestic reforms started in what is now one of the most attractive markets for global investors. India was slowly easing restrictions and eliminating ineffective […]

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The problem is not inequality, but how we respond to it

  The world would be a better place if there were more economic equality. Countries which have higher levels of economic equality appear more comfortable and contented, the assessments of those who have done rigorous statistical analysis prove it and none of us likes seeing people who are suffering and poor. But economic equality is […]

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