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African-Americans’ Wealth A Fraction That Of Whites Due To Systematic Inequality

  This year marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of captive Africans to Virginia, where they were sold into slavery. February marks Black History month — a time when Americans reflect on the legacy and ongoing contributions African-Americans have provided to our country’s success. Despite racism and the systematic obstacles placed in front of […]

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Who knows best? Cities consult citizens for fresh ideas

  Barcelona residents had until the end of January to submit suggestions for a plan to redevelop the green spaces of Montjuic, an iconic hill overlooking the Catalan capital. Few people live on Montjuic itself, which sports a stadium built for the 1992 Olympic Games alongside museums, a castle and recreational areas, but there are […]

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Economic Inequality: Who Cares?

  Concern with economic inequality is a defining feature of the current era. Prominent international public figures, ranging from Pope Francis to International Monetary Fund’s Chairwoman Christine Lagarde, have declared global economic inequality to be the top priority. What are the preconditions for moving from talk to action? Relevant information, effective policy instruments, and the […]

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Africa: Economic Crisis Can Trigger World War

  Kuala Lumpur and Berlin — Economic recovery efforts since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis have mainly depended on unconventional monetary policies. As fears rise of yet another international financial crisis, there are growing concerns about the increased possibility of large-scale military conflict. More worryingly, in the current political landscape, prolonged economic crisis, combined with […]

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The root cause of corruption

  If we want to cut down on corruption, we will have to start working more seriously on reducing the huge chasm between the rich and the poor Transparency International, a global anti-corruption coalition, ranked India 81 out of 180 countries in its corruption index of 2017. The least corrupt nations were New Zealand, Denmark, […]

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