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Academic Affirmative Action Is a Really Bad Idea. Here’s Why

  If professors like Elizabeth Warren want to be taken seriously, then they should admit what every academic knows: race matters. In 2003, with my doctoral dissertation approved and my PhD certificate in the mail, I went on the academic job market looking for an assistant professor position in sociology. I applied for more than […]

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Cultural stereotypes drive negative perceptions of undocumented immigrants

  Study uncovers how biases shape Americans’ perceptions of what it means to be ‘illegal’ Heated political rhetoric on immigration has dominated the media for the past few years, with politicians including President Donald Trump often portraying undocumented immigrants as dangerous criminals. According to new University of Chicago research, that kind of dialogue may be […]

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Life & Death

  Every year in early November, Mexican citizens celebrate Día de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead,” a celebration that honors the death of loved ones and remembers those who have died. The holiday has gained popularity with the movie “Coco” and in popular culture. “The tradition is pre-Hispanic, before Christopher Columbus arrived in […]

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Sociologists are using the Bachelorettes’ Instagram posts to study modern Femininity

  Many reality TV fans watch to unwind from the stress of their workday. Reality TV is where Evie Psarras’s work begins. Psarras, a PhD candidate in media studies at the University of Illinois-Chicago, studies reality TV and celebrity culture; her master’s thesis was on the Real Housewives franchise, and in her most recent work, […]

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What Sports Reveal About Society

  Sociologists find that sports are inextricably intertwined with the people, countries, and politics surrounding them. Sports have been in the news lately, from Serena Williams’s controversy at the U.S. Open to Caster Semenya’s fight to be allowed to race as a woman. Perhaps most dramatically, Nike and Colin Kaepernick have set some parts of the country aflame (sort of) […]

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