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Data deficit means we’re in the dark about the digital divide

  Digital concerns underpin many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Gender equality, good health, quality education, industry innovation, smart and sustainable cities: these all require strong information and communications technology systems to become a reality. For all of this to happen, developing countries will have to overcome the “digital divide”. This refers to the […]

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Sociologists are using the Bachelorettes’ Instagram posts to study modern Femininity

  Many reality TV fans watch to unwind from the stress of their workday. Reality TV is where Evie Psarras’s work begins. Psarras, a PhD candidate in media studies at the University of Illinois-Chicago, studies reality TV and celebrity culture; her master’s thesis was on the Real Housewives franchise, and in her most recent work, […]

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There Is a Profound Difference Between Justice and Identity Politics

  The #MeToo movement must choose between an allegiance to identity politics and the pursuit of justice. If you live long enough, you learn a simple, sad fact. Individual adversity does not necessarily build individual character. In other words, spend enough time in the real world and you’ll see people experience enormous challenges — like […]

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Human rights and Myanmar’s digital gender divide

  Female activists preaching a message of tolerance online are finding that they too are becoming a target. THE ARRIVAL of affordable Internet access in Myanmar has revealed – and possibly exacerbated – divisions within society around contentious issues. Where military censorship once kept voices in check, now everyone has the ability to speak out. […]

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Twitter and Tear Gas: How Social Media Changed Protest Forever

  ON FEBRUARY 2, 2011, a horde of men, armed with long sticks and whips and riding camels and horses, attacked the hundreds of thousands of protesters who packed Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, parting the crowd as if it were the Red Sea and scattering protesters as they went. The horses’ saddles were a brilliant […]

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