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Afghanistan’s Forgotten Half

  WASHINGTON, DC – When Zalmay Khalilzad was appointed as the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation in September 2018, an end to America’s longest war seemed finally to be in sight. Now, following President Donald Trump’s sudden announcement in late December that the United States will withdraw 7,000 of its troops from the country, […]

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More than unpopular. How ParentsNext intrudes on single parents’ human rights

  ParentsNext is to be the subject of a Senate inquiry, with submissions closing on February 1. The program has been widely criticised for making parents’ lives more difficult and for unfairly stopping payments. But that wasn’t how it began, and it wasn’t what was trialled. The program trialled from April 2016 provided intensive job-readiness […]

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Indonesia’s Rights Struggle: Deciding Which Candidate Is the ‘Lesser Evil’

  A debate showed that neither candidate in Indonesia’s presidential race has any plans to address human-rights abuses. JAKARTA—Standing on a stage in the Hotel Bidakara’s ballroom in downtown Jakarta during a presidential debate, Indonesia’s incumbent leader, Joko Widodo, meekly defended what has been, at best, a checkered record on human rights. Widodo, popularly known […]

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Shaping the new world order: The battle for human rights

  China is leading the charge in a bid to undermine accepted concepts of human rights accountability and justice. The Chinese effort backed by autocrats elsewhere has turned human rights into an underrated, yet crucial battleground in the shaping of a new world order. China is manoeuvring against the backdrop of an unprecedented crackdown on […]

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Want less poverty in the world? Empower women.

  A new book explains why gender equality is key to economic prosperity. The single greatest antidote to poverty and social stagnation is the emancipation of women. Wherever this has been tried, wherever women have been empowered to do as they wish, the economy and the culture have been radically improved. A new book by […]

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