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It’ll take more than an app to get children school-ready, Damian Hinds

  If the Tories hadn’t cut funding for early years support, perhaps children would have a fairer start in schools today. So, Damian Hinds has woken up to the fact that there are huge gaps in ability between children from different backgrounds before they even start school. In a speech yesterday, the education secretary described […]

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Toward a Pedagogy of the Heart

  Some academics may want to present an image of detachedness from issues of social justice in the classroom, writes Jomaira Salas Pujols, but I cannot be that person. Recently, I was teaching my race relations class when I slowly started to feel my body get warm and my heart beat faster. My words became […]

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UCLA makes students pay classmates to promote ‘social justice’

  The University of California-Los Angeles has hired 18 students at $13 per hour to combat “social injustices” and “privilege and oppression” following a semester-long recruitment campaign. Hosted by the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program, the Diversity Peer Leaders project is a year-long internship during which students facilitate workshops on social justice issues in exchange for […]

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Forget Kindness. Schools Need to Foster Social Justice

  We know kindness when we see it: someone performs a generous deed, listens with a sympathetic ear, offers a heartfelt compliment to a friend, family member or even a stranger. We see kindness promoted visibly through public awareness campaigns like Random Acts of Kindness, The Great Kindness Challenge and Choose Kind, linked to the popular children’s book Wonder. […]

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Helicopter parenting is fuelling inequality among college students

  In the popular imagination, college offers an opportunity for young people to strike out on their own, away from the watchful eye of parents with the safety net of an educational institution. But a new study suggests that for some affluent students, college is an experience still managed largely by their parents — and […]

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