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Opportunities for students making career in Sociology

  If you are sincere to make a career in Sociology, there are several avenues for you to excel. Some of such avenues are urban sociology, political sociology, ethnic and race relations The study of Sociology entails the exact and orderly investigation of various customs and cultures of society, while incorporating study of social interactions, […]

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Study reveals high prevalence of quiet corruption in Lagos’ public schools

  A study has revealed that there is high prevalence of quiet corruption in public institutions in Lagos State. A lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of Lagos, Dr. David Akeju, disclosed this yesterday at the presentation of a pilot study on ‘Quiet corruption in public education institutions in Lagos State’ jointly carried out […]

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Do schools help or hinder social mobility?

  Do schools help social mobility and fairness? Or do they give even more advantages to the better-off? Even if they can’t make up for all inequalities, at least we might expect them to make the playing field more level. But a major international study on social mobility from the OECD economics think tank shows […]

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Academic Affirmative Action Is a Really Bad Idea. Here’s Why

  If professors like Elizabeth Warren want to be taken seriously, then they should admit what every academic knows: race matters. In 2003, with my doctoral dissertation approved and my PhD certificate in the mail, I went on the academic job market looking for an assistant professor position in sociology. I applied for more than […]

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Education professors integrate education and Latin American social movements

  UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — John Holst and Rebecca Tarlau are exploring social movements, education and sociology with their work in South America and the United States. Their work is both international and interdisciplinary; it is inspired by Italian philosophers and Brazilian educators and made possible through collaboration of colleagues from multiple disciplines. Holst and […]

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