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Men ‘left behind’ as women dominate university places

  Scotland’s universities are becoming increasingly dominated by female students, raising fears about the lack of ambition shown by the country’s boys. Statistics show the gap between the sexes is wider in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK. For the forthcoming academic year, female 18-year-old Scots were 56 per cent more likely to apply […]

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Three Billboards—Beyond Ebbing, Missouri

  The Oscar-nominated crime drama has inspired activists around the world to put up massive signs to call attention to social issues. This story contains plot spoilers for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. In the fictional town of Ebbing, Missouri, it seems like everyone—the town priest, the kids at the local high school—is trying to convince […]

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China’s two-child is policy widening the gender gap: UBC study

  Less marital power means less ‘fertility autonomy’, researchers say Having two children can exacerbate gender inequality for a woman in China, according to a new international study out of UBC. After the government in China ditched the one-child policy to address an aging population, an estimated 90 million women were eligible to have a […]

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Helicopter parenting is fuelling inequality among college students

  In the popular imagination, college offers an opportunity for young people to strike out on their own, away from the watchful eye of parents with the safety net of an educational institution. But a new study suggests that for some affluent students, college is an experience still managed largely by their parents — and […]

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Sociology course “Sex in the 6ix” covers everything from love, hookup culture to sexual harassment

  Around the water cooler, on social media and the red carpet, the talk is about #MeToo and the wave of sexual misconduct allegations in the headlines. The conversation is also unfolding in university classrooms. In a new sociology course, Associate Professor Jooyoung Lee encourages his students not to shy away from contentious topics like what constitutes […]

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