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India: Social Development Report 2016—Disability Rights Perspectives

  The India: Social Development Report 2016—Disability Rights Perspectives presents new research in disability studies, a little understood subject in the social sciences and humanities in India, as also in the development discourse. The disproportionate disadvantage, exclusion and stigmatization suffered by persons with disabilities are...

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Public Sociology

The promise of public sociology

  Think of the era we are in. Do you some­times feel a sense of un­cer­tainty and dis­cord? It is un­der­stand­able if you do. How many of you worry about...

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Social and Economic Inequalities

Inequality Comes to Asia

  As income inequality becomes increasingly entrenched, it can undermine social cohesion and spur political instability. To avoid such an outcome, Asian countries need to change the rules of the...

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Gender and Human Rights

We need to talk about the social norms that fuel sexual assault

  The recent spate of sexual harassment accusations against prominent men in Westminster comes as no surprise to many of us. We expect them to know better – to have been better...

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Social Justice & Democratization

The house of Mugabe crumbles – but it’s too soon to celebrate in Zimbabwe

  It seemed that Robert Mugabe, the 93-year-old Zimbabwean president, would rule his country until he died – but in the end, his fall was very swift. Mugabe’s decision to...

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