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India: Social Development Report 2016—Disability Rights Perspectives

  The India: Social Development Report 2016—Disability Rights Perspectives presents new research in disability studies, a little understood subject in the social sciences and humanities in India, as also in the development discourse. The disproportionate disadvantage, exclusion and stigmatization suffered by persons with disabilities are...

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Public Sociology

Men ‘left behind’ as women dominate university places

  Scotland’s universities are becoming increasingly dominated by female students, raising fears about the lack of ambition shown by the country’s boys. Statistics show the gap between the sexes is...

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Social and Economic Inequalities

Racism impacts your health

  Outside in public: Smiling, dressed real fine, manners on point. I am well schooled on how to be respectful, how to take up space, how to use silence when...

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Gender and Human Rights

Inside Israel’s campaign to deport tens of thousands of African migrants

  African migrants from Eritrea and elsewhere could face indefinite detention if they choose to stay. EL AVIV, Israel — Father Tesfayohanns Tesfamariam has always prayed his way through the...

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Social Justice & Democratization

Authoritarian elitism and popular movements in Brazil

  Can a president institute radical popular change alongside structural inequality and a militarized elite? The Brazilian case suggests that a progressive political party requires more social movement mobilization, not...

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